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OJM Insulations Ltd is dedicated to providing all of our customers with a comprehensive price and reliable service


We supply and install circular, rectangular, fabric and flat oval ductwork, as well as grilles, louvers, fans and insulation.

Trace Heating

Trace heating is installed on pipes and vessels to compensate for the rate of heat loss through the containment wall

Sheet Metal

We have the facilities to provide our clients with tailored solutions to their particular sheet metal requirements.

Commercial, Industrial Mechanical Insulation & Ventilation Specialists

OJM Insulations is an independent Insulation Contractor, which has been established since 2001.  Since then our company has continued to grow due to our experience knowledge of our industry, ensuring customers always receive a superior level of service that few companies can match.

With an extensive range of clients across all sectors, we take pride in being to accommodate to any requirement that your business has. We will always tailor a solution to suit your specific needs, whilst taking your budget and timescale into account.

Our reputation has been built on our ability to provide competitively priced insulation solutions for any building throughout the UK. With a tailored approach to each job, our experienced staff always treat each project with specialist care and attention to detail that ensures the project runs smoothly, from start to finish.

OJM Insulations conduct a wide range of insulation work for buildings, specialising in:

Thermal Insulation

Sheet Metal Fabrication

Trace Heating

Fire Protection


We would be happy to discuss our services and any other queries, so please do not hesitate to contact OJM if you require further information.