Bird damage and insulation

Who doesn’t like to wake up to the sound of birds chirping on a sunny spring morning? But despite their beautiful plumage and penchant for song, some birds can be a nuisance. In commercial buildings, these birds can cause all sorts of damage to the roof and the plant on the roof.

The destructive effect

A bird on the roof is sure to leave droppings everywhere. Birds have highly acidic droppings that can damage asphalt roofing materials and potentially other equipment on the roof, such as the ductwork connected to HVAC units and services pipework. Furthermore, the droppings may stimulate the growth of algae or moss by providing nutrients. Birds also claw and peck at things which can damage the weather protection to insulation. Thus, your roof and plant may have a shorter life span if it is exposed to birds.

Generally, once the protection is damaged, the insulation becomes sodden with water, preventing the insulation from working effectively and can cause corrosion to the pipework and ductwork. In some cases, there may be patches of insulation missing from the ductwork or pipework. Bird-damaged insulation can cause considerable heat loss during the winter months and unwanted heat gain during the summer months.

The impact on costs

Due to these drastic changes, the financial costs and elevated energy consumption to maintain a consistent temperature within a building increase massively. Also, the warm temperatures which escape through the damaged insulation during the winter months attract unwanted pests to nest and shelter during inclement weather. Once damaged, generally, the only option is to replace the insulation to the services on the roof which can be very costly.

What we do

Recently we have been called to a number of sites where the insulation has been damaged by birds. We have various options for insulating external services and always recommend installing bird protection where possible to prevent damage to the insulation. Where bird protection is not possible we can offer alternative solutions.

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