What Are Air Source Heat Pumps?

OJM Insulations are specialists in lagging air source heat pump systems. With many successfully delivered commercial projects, we can get the job done affordably and efficiently. But have you ever wondered what air source heat pumps are and why they are becoming increasingly popular?

The British government has set a goal to install 600,000 heat pumps per year by 2028, up from about 67,000 in 2021. Every week we’re having conversations with developers and main contractors to incorporate renewables into their upcoming projects.

Heat pumps are an attractive option, particularly in the current economic climate. For planners and developers, the installation of renewables on projects supports the local community and central government plans to decarbonise the construction industry.

Heat pumps work by capturing heat that is present in the wider environment and moving it into the building or home to heat it. As a result, they don’t burn fossil fuels or emit carbon. They are an increasingly popular alternative to traditional boilers and are being heavily promoted by the Government.

Air source heat pumps tend to be the most common heat pumps found. They work by drawing in air from the outdoors. That air travels through an outdoor condenser unit before passing through a refrigerant compressor, which compresses the liquid refrigerant into superheated vapour. In turn, this is then transferred through an exchanger that subsequently transfers the high-temperature vapour to a water circuit within the building’s heating system.

Where can it be applied?

Air source heat pumps are available for both commercial and domestic buildings. When it comes to applying the air source heat pump mechanism, the installation area needs to be large enough to install the unit. Typically, units are attached to a wall or on the ground. The noise they generate can be comparable with a fridge for domestic installations. Of course, the pipework should be lagged to optimise efficiency and protect from outside temperature extremes.

Reducing energy consumption

Replacing your current heating system with an efficient air source heat pump can be a great way to cut energy bills and help the environment at the same time. A heat pump will use less electricity and provide greater efficiency than other types of heating systems, such as gas furnaces or electric baseboard heaters. It should be noted that whilst heat pumps are powered by electricity, the amount of electricity used to power them is greatly outweighed by the amount of heat provided to the building. Therefore, they are amongst the most efficient heating systems that can be found.

OJM Insulations, your air source heat pump lagging specialist

As part of your installation, it is important to lag your air source heat pump’s piping. This protects the pipework from extremes in temperature and importantly ensures that the system is thermally efficient.

With multiple air source heat pump projects successfully delivered, our team can quickly and efficiently carry out the necessary work, minimising disruption. Contact us to find out how we can increase the efficiency of your system.

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