Mechanical Protection in Plant Rooms

Protecting mechanical equipment in plantrooms is crucial to ensure its proper functioning, longevity, and the safety of the overall facility. Mechanical equipment can be particularly prone to damage in busy plantrooms, where it is exposed and susceptible to damage from people or items being moved around the area. 

Mechanical services you should consider for protection

When considering mechanical protection, you would typically seek to protect:

  • all pipework insulation – including chilled water, heating and domestic services
  • all ductwork insulation.
  • water cylinders that have been insulated
  • heat exchangers that have been insulated.
  • valves and flanges that have been insulated.  

Options for protecting mechanical services

There are a number of options available to help you protect your mechanical equipment, depending on the service being protected.

Metal Cladding – typically, this is used to protect piped services, ducted services, valves, flanges and water tanks or water cylinders.

Isogenopak Sheet – is used to protect piped services. Here it is wrapped around the pipework and riveted in place.  Pre-formed bends are used to wrap angles. 

Flange Matts – for protecting valves and flanges, an alternative to metal boxes is valve or flange matts.

Why do this?

Mechanical protection makes sense as an investment.  Repair costs are reduced as less damage is seen to occur to the insulation.  This not only extends the life of the insulation but protects your original investment. 

It also protects the vapour barrier found in insulation which, at this time of year with increased differences in operating and outside temperatures, protects against condensation. This is important as condensation can damage insulation and cause corrosion of pipework or damage to the surrounding area.

Ultimately, effective mechanical protection saves money on running costs as plant generally runs more efficiently when insulated correctly. 

It goes without saying that protected equipment is also easier to clean and looks better too!

What does this cost?

Although it costs more from the outset over time these costs will be recuperated and extend the life of the insulation and plant.  Services can be protected only in high traffic areas or low-level areas (ie. up to 2m) to save on cost but still provide the same benefit from protecting the insulation.

In conclusion

At OJM Insulations we regularly review, advise and deliver mechanical protection in plant rooms for both residential and commercial builds.  We have over 20 years experience gained across a wide range of projects.  From schools and colleges, through to hospitals, care homes and large energy centres in residential and commercial builds.

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